ByersPeakPlease VOTE for ANDY MILLER and    JANE MATHER!

For Fraser Town Board Trustees

Election – Tuesday, April 1, at the Fraser Town Hall, 7 am to 7 pm. 

Andy Miller and Jane Mather, the two founders of Fraser and Friends for Responsible Development (FraserFRD),  have decided to run for positions as Fraser Town Board Trustees.  If you have questions, please call us:  Jane at 726-9500 or Andy at 726-4099.

As we’ve tried to share our views about the Byers Peak Properties potential annexation and about the Fraser 2014 budget, we’ve become increasingly frustrated about many aspects of how the Town Board and Town Staff operate.  We believe that we need to add four new members to the Fraser Town Board, Andy, Jane and the other two people running who are not currently on the Fraser Town Board, Cody Clayton Taylor and Katie Soles.

We believe that with four new trustees, Fraser and the Fraser Valley Community will be better able to achieve:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY.  Decisions that are truly thorough, that consider alternatives and the financial implications.
  • TRANSPARENCY.  Real answers and information, not just vague generalities and “trust us.”
  • SENSIBLE GROWTH.  We don’t object to growth or annexation.  We believe we need to manage growth carefully to protect what makes Fraser special and so that current residents can still afford to live here.

You can vote at the Fraser Town Hall between 7 am and 7 pm on Tuesday, April 1. 

You can also VOTE EARLY if you are going on vacation or would like to vote before Tuesday by first filling out an absentee ballot application available at frasercolorado.com. Then take it to the Town Hall before Friday, March 28, 5 pm, to pick up a ballot.  You can fill out the ballot then or return it to the Fraser Town Hall anytime before Tuesday, April 1, 7 pm.

This website primarily includes information our concerns about the annexation agreement for the Byers Peak Properties land that the Fraser Town Board approved 6-1 in May 2013.  Fraser voters successfully rejected annexation with this agreement in the November 2013 election.

We will be adding content and links to this website over the next few days to help you understand other Fraser issues and show you why we believe we need four new trustees for the four open positions.